Progressive death / thrash metal band (2 voc 2 guitars bass drums). I write most of the music, since 2005 also the lyrics. In 2012 I took over vocal duties as well.

The Wagner Experience (2013)

Celebrating Wagner's 200th birthday, the Netherlands' oldest symphony orchestra, Het Utrechtsch Studenten Concert, invited Noneuclid (represented by Linus and me) to join in their spectacular symphonic tour on a freight ship as soloists in the performance of Noneuclid's Into The Light (pt.I), in yet another version - with full symphonic orchestra and us as soloists. We had 8 magnificent shows and a number of media appearances with this amazing production.

Transition Metal (2010)

Our next exciting and very special symphonic collaboration, this time with maestro Ulf Klausenitzer and his Orchester des 13. Tons. Click here to watch the trailer with a description of the project.

The pieces Noneuclid were featured in in the show were:

Altair Passage (2010) 15'

A piece for orchestra and band especially written for the show.

Into the Light (Suite) (2007 / 2010) 7'

arrangement of our Metatheosis song for orchestra.

Also featured were arrangements I made of Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and the prelude to the 3rd act of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, which we played in band versions.

Première: November 7th, 2010, Eskara Essenbach, Germany

Black Vortex Cathedral (2008) 24'
metal band (2voc, 2 el. guit, bass guit, dr), extended amplified orchestra:
2fl, 2ob, 4sax, hrn, 3trpt, 2trbn, btrbn, el. guit, bassguit, dr, 2perc, strgs 8 7 6 4 2

Metatheosis (2006-2007) ca. 67'

Second studio album, to be released by Blood Music (Finland) in early 2014.

1. Paranoid Alkaloid 7' watch
2. Cult of One 4'30"
3. Buried Forever 7'30"
4. Across the Mist of Broken Glass 6'30" watch
5.-7. Into the Light (pts. I-III) 14'30" watch
8. To the Zombievores 3'30"
9. The Black Plague of the Soul 8' watch
10. None So Lucid 16'30"

The Crawling Chaos (2004) ca.42'

First studio album, released in 2008 on Merciless Records. Lyrics by Andrew Hughes.

1. Worm 4'30"
2. The Digital Diaspora 6'30" watch
3. Coming in Tongues 6'30"
4. Void Bitch 7'30"
5. Xenoglossy 5'
6. Time Raper 4'30"
7. Murder of Worlds 7'30"

Leviathan (2003) 10’36’’
virtual band

Horror Vacui (2003) 7’35’’
virtual band (rock version of Nuclear Messiah)

listen: Horror Vacui Clip!

Dark Fortress:

Black metal band (voc 2 guitars bass drums keyboards). I joined in 2007 as the lead singer and write the lyrics and the occasional song. As of 2013, we played over 100 shows together, all over Europe. The 7th studio album is due for release in early 2014. Click here or here for more.

Ylem (2010) 72'

6th studio album, released on Century Media Records.

Eidolon (2008) 52'

5th studio album, released on Century Media Records.

Incide (2005) 5’20’’
string orchestra, over- en undertone choir, 4 guitars, drums, voice, electronics

Released on the 4th studio album "Séance" on Century Media Records.


Studio project of some friends of mine, where I help out as a singer. Click here for more.