Music for dance productions:

Kleinode (2010) 12’
Music for a dance piece by Sanja Hasagic, using excerpts of my Elvenland score

Colours of Darkness
(2004) 60’
electronics / virtual band (also contains fragments of Plutonic, Dzehennem and Fever Season)
Music for a dance piece by Sanja Hasagic

Tiefenrausch (2004) ca. 80’ watch trailer
electronics / virtual band
Music for a dance production by Christina Gehrig Binder and Sascha Engel

Blood Lotus Clip!

Perplexus Solaris (2003) 15’
electronics / virtual band (CD, using recordings of the Concerto for Bass Guitar)
Music for a dance piece by Sanja Hasagic

Shadow Time (2002) 25’
electronics / virtual band (CD)
Music for a dance piece by Sanja Hasagic

listen: Shadow Time Clip!

Transcarnation (2001) 14’30’’ (CD-version) / 27’ (live-version)
virtual orchestra (CD) / sculptures (Subcontra, Moon) and CD (live)
text: Andrew Hughes
Music for a Quantum Ether multimedia production

Epileptocalypse (2001) 4’30’’
Music for a dance piece by Sanja Hasagic

Film Scores / Sound Tracks:

Come Spring (2009) 23'

movie by Cindy Jansen, using parts of Dzehennem and sound design I made for the film.

(2008) 32'
movie score for a film by Karel Doing
written for The Hungry Gods; text: J.S.Welhaven

Lounge (2006) 7’
music for a film by Jan van der Pavert

Vlucht van de Valk (2005) 18’
guitar / band / electronics
music for a film by Gato Bizar (together with Michel Banabila)

Zadelpijn (2004) 7'
amplified bicycle and electronics
Music for a film by Dave Vriens and Tijmen van Vlier

Defying the Universal Shadows (2003) 6’
(together with Remco De Jong)
electronics / virtual band
music for the film "Stand 4.18" by Sascha Engel

Coda (1998) 10'
Music for a film by Tijmen van Vlier (using "Prayer of the Possessed")

Music for Theater:

Frank en Stein (2010) 80'
evening-filling children's theater production. Director: Marcel Sijm. Actors: René Groothof, Oscar Siegelaar.
text: Suzanne van Lohuizen

première: september 2010 in the Netherlands
performed since: full tour of the Netherlands (22 performances) in fall / winter 2010.

We performed 2 little excerpts of the music score for Dutch TV: excerpt 1 excerpt 2

We were proud to have Astrid Haring (harp) and Friso van Wijck (drums) support us as session musicians on this tour as replacements for Jan Rokyta (cimbalom) and Greg Smith (drums).

Die Jungfrau von Orleans (2005)
Stadttheater Landshut, Oliver Karbus, director
organ, electronics (samples from various of my pieces)