I have written for a great variety of orchestrations. Please choose a category, then click on a piece for more:

• Orchestra
• Ensemble (conducted)
• Chamber Music
• Hybrid Music
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• Dance / Film / Theater

Not every piece has both recording and score examples available, due to handwritten scores or bad / nonexistent recordings. I'm on it...
Almost all recordings are taken live by the radio or by friends and vary in quality; so do the performances. I hope what is there is enough to give an idea of each piece.

I want to thank the NPS, KRO, VPRO and Concertzender radios as well as conductors Hans Leenders, Jussi Jaatinen, Jurjen Hempel, Micha Hamel and all others who promote my music, as well as the Fonds Scheppende Toonkunst / NFPK+, which has kept me alive for all these years.

I own the copyright of all scores and recordings shown here (except where otherwise indicated). No audio clip or score page may be copied, printed or used without my permission. Contact me by email (using the link at the bottom of each page) if you want to use something you see or hear here, or if you want to know more about any of my work. Sheet music, recordings and all other performance or review materials can be obtained in the same way.